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Discovering the Beauty of Venice: Exploring Landscapes, Gardens, and Historic Water Ways

Vencie was extremely hot in July so what better place to cool off than in the shaded landscape highlighted by creamy hydrangeas under a wonderful vine draped arbour.

The landscape in the garden was exquisite, especially the contrasting gravel walkways with the stunning green landscape highlighting showy plants like the Agapanthus.

There is beauty in the landscape, even in the small details like this corten steel edging the bamboo along the gravel path.

The landscape with lush plantings, hydrangeas, gravel walk and the shade and the wisteria draped arbour was stunning in providing attractive, contrasting elements.

Elegant landscape elements like this classic fountain surrounded by choice landscape plantings are a delight to the senses.

Of course, our trip to Venice had to include a trip down the grand canal to get a sense of the landscape, buildings and bridges including the Rialto Bridge from a water view.


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