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Testimonials for SW Landscape Architects

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" I am the owner of a large daycare facility in Richmond. SW Landscape Architects was hired to design the outdoor area of my project. The design was fantastic and met all the needs of the daycare. When I asked for a natural concept into my project , it was done perfectly without going back and forth. The communication experience was great too. Whenever there was a change needed due to licensing requirements, Steve always responded fast so there was no delay in the project. Definitely will come back to SW Landscape Architect in the future if building another project." 

Rui Ma 2023 

"I was the strata president when we hired Steve as our landscape architect as part of a membrane renewal project for our strata. He took the time to understand our needs and incorporate them into  a fabulous design, even with our small budget. Steve also went above and beyond, putting in extra effort when we ran into complications/challenges. Thanks you, Steve. " 

Chelsea Eby 2022

" I am an architectural designer and previously a computer drafting instructor at BCIT. Steve at SW Landscape Architects had designed a number of very successful projects for my clients. Not only did his experience and knowledge shine, but he is very aware of his clients’ budget. His care and respect for the existing natural landscape, enhanced by his talented design, contributed to our successful projects. Highly recommended! "        


Rob Hsu, October 2018

" I am a custom home builder and engaged Steve at SW Landscape Architects to do the landscape design as he was highly recommended by the house designer. We went from a single family development to a multifamily dwelling requiring a rezoning and development permit application that required meeting the Sustainable Development Guidelines with the City of North Vancouver. Steve took on this challenge wonderfully . Steve was able to meet a very tight timeline, and was able to create a wonderful landscape design." 


Ben Aghai, October 2018

" I have worked with SW Landscape Architects for a number of years and have found they do beautiful landscape designs with quick turnaround and are reasonably priced. They are familiar with working with Lower Mainland municipalities so their design get quick approvals for development and building permits." 


Masoud Malboubi, August 2018

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