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Hi, This is Steve Wong of SW Landscape Architects Ltd and welcome to my landscape blog which will unveil the ways landscape architecture creates beautiful spaces for each and every one of us.

Hi, and welcome to my blog. This is Steve Wong of SW Landscape Architects Ltd. I am privileged to have been a landscape architect for over 30 years and in that time have designed many spaces that have been wonderful additions to the environment that we experience on an everyday basis. Wether it is the careful manipulation of grades, the design of stone pavers, steps or other hardscape elements, or making the most of the everchanging colours and shapes of the trees, shrubs and groundcovers, these are the design elements that are used by myself and other landscape architects to create their designs. Very importantly I get inspiration from seeing the landscapes from my own backyard of Metro Vancouver, Canada to the landscapes from around the world that I have visited from my travels, from the urban spaces of New York City, to the waterfall features of Villa d'Este in Italy, the formal gardens at Versailles in France to the botanical gardens at Kew in England.

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