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Uncovering the Magic of Villa d'Este Gardens: An Immersive Walk through the Lush Terraced Gardens, Spectacular Fountains, Lush Arbours, and Magnificent Stonework.

The hillside landscape of Villa d'Este a short distance from Rome is captured in this photo from the upper level of this magnificent retreat of Popes past.

One of the many fountains that take water from the upper lakes creating a wonderful cool experience during the summer heat.

A view of the ornate stonework iand surfacing in the terrace, leading to the main axis down to the garden.

A wisteria vine draped over an arbour to provide refreshing shade and greenery along this otherwise stark building. Drought tolerant olive trees are on the other side to create a wonderful walking experience.

The sloping site is traversed through the careful design and layout of ramps and walkways.

A wonderful fountain amidst lush greenery and seating by the edge of the pool.

Fountains leading to the series of fish filled pools that used to provide meals to the fortunate residents and visitors to Villa d'Este.

A beautiful courtyard with plane trees for shade, pool edge for seating and a perimeter fence for enclosure with a reddish pea gravel surface in the middle.

An elegant archway of wisteria vines to create a sensual, cool experience under the Italian sun.

A long walkway bordered with high walls that are softened with the use of wisterias on the sides and along a beautiful ornate wrought iron trellis.

An enchanting walway with a beautiful water feature on one side with figurines spewing water into the linear pool.

An interesting foil of figurines with water spewing from their mouths into the linear pool.

An ornate wrought iron gate to signify the end of our very enlightening trip to the gardens of Villa d'Este. i can hardly wait to come back to enjoy the wonderful landscape in the near future!


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