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Discovering Milan's Modern Landscapes: Vibrant Parks, Contemporary Landscape Designs, and Inspiring Architecture.

Milan is a city in NorthernItaly and the second most populous city proper after Rome. It is at the cutting edge of international design and fashion, and this is reflected in its modern take on landscape architecture.

An adult fitness circuit with an elegant sculptural element as its focal point.

There's nothing nicer than playground under the dappled shade of trees and with a climbable wooden structure.

This is a nice modern park over an underground parkade featuring nice grade chages and a mass planting of varieigated leaf dogwood.

A view of the famous Bosco buildings highlighted by the trees and tall shrubs growing on all sides of the building to replace the landscape here before the buildings were constructed.

Closeup of the Bosco building and the many challenges for maintaining and watering these plants, so good luck to the gardeners and maintenance crew!

How about a cool place to enjoy your cappicinos, inside a gazebo-like structure draped with wisteria outside the famous Starbucks in Milano!

Such a gorgeous seating area under the shade trees at Leonardo da Vinci plaza.

How about this for a wide boulevarde with grass and Platanus shade trees for a pleasant stroll through the heart of Milano!

This elgant pedestrian plaza allows for steps and a seating wall as well as a ramp for traversing the grades.

A wildflower meadow in juxtaposition to the modern buildings in this new redevelopment.

A guide to the wildflower plantings designed by world famous plansman Piet Oudolf.

The Bosco towers seen from the wild grass meadows.

Elegant landscaping with mass plantings, shade trees and upscale hardscape elements of stainless steet railings, high end pavers and wood decking, all over an underground parkade.

A nice and functional use of an evergreen hedge along a pedestrian overpass to screen out some railway tracks below- who would have thought!

A final shot of our visit to Milano to show the wonderful covered Galleria complex that has inspired so many others in the world, but there si no other one as nice as this one in Milano!


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